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The third round of Mineral Resources Planning locked four focus

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January 23, the Ministry of Mineral Resources held the third round of planning work video conference, for a new round of re-mobilization planning work to deploy. Vice Minister Wang Min, Party members at the meeting stressed the need to improve the development of the total use of regulatory mechanisms, optimizing the layout of the development and utilization of mineral resources, the development of differentiated management policy, planning and implementation platform to build seven important content, accelerate and make solid well the third round of mineral resources planning work.

Since its launch in April last year, the third round of the mineral resources planning work in an orderly way in the country, but look at the overall progress, there are still unbalanced schedule, individual provinces not know the place, the organization can not force issues such measures are not implemented. For the above, Wang Min said that the new situation to be faced with a profound understanding of the planning of the new requirements, a new round of planning to implement the national strategy for resource security, and effectively improve resource security capacity; implement the general requirements of ecological civilization construction, resource development and environmental protection to promote coordination development; the implementation of conservation priority strategy, and effectively improve the efficiency of resource use; the implementation of a comprehensive deployment deepen reform, further strengthen the pilot planning, policy and binding; Huimin implement resource policy, and services, and improve people's livelihood. He stressed that, to make plans to become the responsibility of implementing the new position of Land and Resources and the starting point for the work of an important platform.

Meeting identified four key elements the third round of Mineral Resources Planning:

One is to improve the development and utilization of the total regulatory mechanism, according to the national industrial policy, different circumstances, the classification regulation, the reasonable control of the total amount of resource extraction, mining economy to maintain a stable and healthy operation. For coal overcapacity class resources, strict checks; for rare earths, tungsten and other traditional and emerging strategic mineral mining, the implementation of total production control; for oil, iron, copper, aluminum and other domestic shortage of minerals, to encourage the implementation of prospecting and mining and other policy measures.

The second is to optimize the layout of the development and utilization of mineral resources, focusing on three levels of the partition layout. Good strategy guide layout, proposed a number of mineral resources exploration and development base, an important strategic core area of the protection of national security resources to form in space. Good focus layout, delineated a number of key areas, including the investigation and assessment focus areas, key exploration areas. Good management functional area, delineated a number of national planning mine, mine, and key mining areas of great value to the national economy, restrictions and prohibitions and restrictions on prospecting and mining area, delineated blocks prospecting and mining planning.

The third is to develop differentiated minerals policy and regional policy differentiation. National plan to study the development of national strategic mineral resources directory, provincial planning to identify key planning minerals, clear main direction and access conditions of different minerals exploration and development. Provinces (cities, districts) must be practical, clear the area of mineral resources management policy guidance and access conditions.

Fourth, resources and support efforts to build a platform to prospecting breakthrough strategic action-oriented line with the theme of green mining ecological civilization construction platform for research with a combination of geology and mineral technology innovation platform, seven planning and implementation platform.

Wang Min stressed that planning should focus on six aspects of the deal: Planning should be closely integrated with the regional development; coordinated resource development and environmental protection; well integrated mining rights to set programs and mineral resources planning; efforts to resolve overlapping mining rights question; strictly regulate gravel clay minerals, development and management; actively promote above and below ground, land use mine co-ordination. He pointed out that the planning time, heavy task, demanding, localities should take effective measures to ensure timely completion of planning work shelf. According to the Ministry of the unified plan, in July this year to complete the preparation of the provincial planning framework, the completion of the national plan for approval to publish and provincial planning department review report before June next year, before the end of next year to fully complete the work at all levels of planning approval. Planning for unfinished areas, will not be accepted conduct interviews or prospecting and mining rights application.

Department of organs and units directly under the relevant departments responsible comrades and related personnel attended the meeting in the main hall, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) land and resources departments, the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps leaders in charge of Land and Resources Bureau of Mineral Resources planning work related offices responsible comrades and related workers, part of the city and county government leaders in charge of land and resources department responsible comrades participated in the venue.

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