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Mineral resources fee "zero": "burden" of mining enterprises "influence" mineral

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According to the Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission notice, Henan involve a comprehensive clean coal, crude oil, natural gas and other fees fund, the three mineral resources compensation fees reduced to zero, stop collection of coal, crude oil, natural gas price adjustment fund, and fund other charges comprehensive clean-up project. The policy to be able to have any effect in Henan? January 18, this reporter in an interview.

Mining companies are expected to burden

By the end of September last year, the State Council decided to implement the coal resource tax reform, tax legislation promoting clean fee, easing the burden of work, from December 1 last year, the coal resource tax levied by the change from the amount of ad valorem tax rate provinces levels of government to determine the prescribed range (2% to 10%) within. Henan Province decided to coal resource tax applicable tax rate is 2% (see "Henan Daily" January 1, 2015 report), the lower limit for the country as defined amplitude, we can see that the provincial government to support the coal enterprises, "winter" determination.

"After the reform, the province will greatly reduce the burden of coal enterprises, but mineral resource fee is the 'zero rates', the price adjustment fund is 'Stop levy', which did not cancel the two charges, the Government will not in the future will restart or ask to pay the fees? "January 18, Henan Province, a major energy company, said Wang Liang, a greater proportion of the various fees fund projects in corporate spending, if a comprehensive clean coal is bound to significantly reduce the burden on enterprises.

"Tax reform is a big trend in taxation system reform, can reduce the burden on enterprises, but also allows transparent administrative services, clearing a hotbed of corruption." Zhengzhou City, a lawyer Shen Sheng said, whether mineral resource fee or tax, mineral resources are owned by the state reflects the will of all, it should go in the future, "according to law."

Geology Mineral Development fear affected

"Mineral resources compensation fee is reduced to zero, the province will be provincial, municipal, and county-wide Provincial finance and management, especially certain impact geology and mineral resources work." Relevant person in charge of Henan Provincial Department said.

According to the Minerals Management department statistics show that coal, oil, natural gas is the main mineral resources compensation fees levied Henan Province, the annual coal, oil and gas resources compensation levy storage about 75% of the total amount. 2013 annual compensation fee collection storage number is 1.045 billion yuan, coal, oil and gas storage of 753 million yuan three kinds of mineral resources compensation.

Coal, oil, gas compensation rates drop to zero after, Henan Province, three local financial year means less storage of nearly 400 million yuan.

"In the future, the Ministry of Mining Enterprises door economical and intensive use of resources supervision and management would lose an important means of regulation." A responsible comrades worry mineral reserves, mineral resources after tax reform, mineral resources exploration, development, protection and supervision and management, I am afraid that will be affected to some extent.

Mine management salaries by financial arrangements

"Mineral resources compensation, although not abolished, but reduced to zero, our salaries and office expenses how to do in the future?" Anyang City, Long An, a mineral district administrator anxiously told reporters.

The province's coal, oil and gas resources in the city of Pingdingshan, Hebi, Puyang has a special compensation fee collection agency, Yongcheng, Yu Chau, Huixian, Anyang Anyang County, Long An area and have set up a separate department of geology and mineral resources management. According to preliminary statistics, the Office of Land and Resources, payroll, office expenses from the mineral management of mineral resources compensation, the province has more than 3,700.

Pingdingshan coal mineral resources compensation levy heavier tasks, the city's Bureau of Land and Resources office at all levels have set up collection, all independent institutions, existing staff 622 people levied before the city needs to stop collecting 48.5 million yuan a year with office expenses and staff wages and benefits.

Henan Provincial Department official explained, the relevant departments are specific consultations, costs related to the staff will arrange funds through the general public budget, in order to guarantee the normal performance of the mineral management duties, the primary mineral managers do not worry.

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