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Tacheng six measures to enhance the protection of mineral resources, the ability

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First, accelerate the exploration and development of regional coal, gold, beryllium, molybdenum and other advantages of resources, active tracking service, to solve practical problems exploration companies actively promote regional advantageous resources transformation. The total investment for the whole year 378 million yuan geological prospecting, exploration area of 54,000 square kilometers, made a number of prospecting results. Especially Yumin County Suyou river molybdenum project, 570,000 tons of proven reserves, worth 60 billion yuan, a huge economic value has been People, Phoenix and other mainstream media attention.

The second is to actively promote the dominant mineral development planning. Initiative to prepare proposals unconventional oil and gas resources development and utilization plan, supported by the main leaders of the region, and their integration into regional priorities to promote, present, planning text after expert review by the commissioner's office has been meeting.

Third, according to national and regional resource development on the principle of maximizing the benefit of local people and resources involved in resource development initiative to support local business development of unconventional oil and gas resources. Autonomous Region People's Government has agreed to Xingta Energy Investment Development Co., Ltd, as investors Tacheng oil sands exploration and development, has agreed to sell the agreement to sell the way oil field prospecting and has been reported to the Ministry of Land

Four are reported to the Administrative Office issued a "regional resource to carry out joint enforcement involving special action plan" to further clarify the county (city) government and relevant departments main responsibility for management responsibilities, the establishment of a land, courts, police, prosecutors and other departments to prevent and combat crimes in violation of Land and Resources in collaboration system. Through the implementation of economic information exchange involving resource sharing mechanisms to increase taxes and 337 million yuan.

Fifth, strict enforcement of a Mining. Combined with the autonomous region to carry out "six to play six governance" fighting rule violation require special action, the Soviet Union illegal exploration of new energy resources such as coal and timely investigation of a number of major cases. Full-year investigated 60 cases of illegal since seized more than 640 million fines, cancellation of mining permits 8, 4 cases withheld.

Sixth, actively promote the construction of mining rights market. Organization and implementation of brick clay and sand and gravel mining rights auction and 36, the total price of 14.4878 million yuan turnover.

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