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Wudu District more stringent measures of mineral resources management

PubTime:2015-01-26 14:29:32 Views:5181

Since last year, Wudu District, seriously implement the "Longnan mining right order maintenance management approach", relying on real responsibility, more initiative to crack down on all kinds of mineral resources, illegal, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of orderly exploration and development of mineral resources and mineral rights of people.

To ensure the orderly conduct of the management of mineral resources, Wudu District completed the preparation of "Wudu District mining rights to set the program," and by the provincial and municipal assessment records. Concrete work properly handled within Ningxia Coal Industry Co., Ltd. Tsui stage gold and polymetallic deposits in the vicinity of manganese prospecting survey range of mining rights dispute; lumber village of Redstone Township longxing ditch, ditch, etc. Yuan Yue Zhao Township Gold the existence of illegal mining district prospecting seriously disrupted legitimate rights and interests of violations were investigated, clean up 36 illegal mining, processing cyanide pool 37, reservoir 12, dismantling tents 38, more than 100 workers severance, Clear mechanical six; fruit ditch defense against penetration, suburban groove, horse camps and other places three Oscars plant were cleaning up illegal quarrying, confiscated 56 tons of stone, remove the board room 5, severance workers more than 20 people, clearing machinery 4 ; for the City column Zhangzhuang key mining iron ore a special regulation, regulation of illegal mining 6, severance workers more than 60 people, clearing machinery 6, 1483 tons of iron ore confiscated, worth 251,200 yuan.

At the same time, Wudu District of mining rights violations tenements illegal subcontracting be investigated according to law, no mining license for horse street town macro Paul brick machine, brick machine Shun Loong, thriving brick machine, as far as vacuum machine factory and other 4 machine factory were closed; signed with the mining rights "and survey control point protection responsibility", signing rate reached 100%; the completion of 28 prospecting and mining rights 64 inspection work, the reference check rate of 100% pass rate of 92.8% prospecting right, mining right pass rate of 100%; for six building stone and brick clay mining rights have been paid all due continuation obtain price 226,000 yuan, mining rights market allocation rate of 100%.

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