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Let mine environment more beautiful - Xiuwu rectifying and standardizing the ord

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Xiuwu County is located in the Taihang Mountain, mountainous areas account for 57%, relatively rich in mineral resources. With the deepening of economic and social development, mining industry booming, up to mining companies amounted to more than 300, the incident became a pillar industry of the county's economy, and to place enormous economic benefits. But some criminals motivated by economic interests, set the expense of national laws and regulations, illegal mining of mineral resources, the mining industry has seriously affected the normal order.

In recent years, Xiuwu County Land Resources Bureau clear responsibilities, strengthen supervision, work together, joint law enforcement, conducted a series of large-scale mining remediation activities, and achieved remarkable results. Up to now, the county has closed more than 10 small mines banned, more than 150 small iron ore, more than 300 points quarrying, 15 lime kiln, to crack down on illegal mining various types of behavior, effectively promoted the development of mineral resources steady development order.

Responsibility to develop a sound machine

To ensure the smooth progress of rectification work, the county set up a mining order rectification work leading group, a clear division of responsibilities of the member units to improve the inspection of responsibility, reward systems, case supervision supervision system, information exchange and other rules and regulations, a hotline for reporting to the public, accept social and news media, public opinion, the real form of "government-led, departmental interaction, social participation, at every level, layers of implementation" of the work situation, and effectively avoid the law enforcement operations in the centralized consolidation of mutual buck-passing, resulting ban is not in place and so on.

Extensive publicity made the atmosphere

Mining rectification order, publicity is the pilot. The county full use of television, radio, newspapers and other news media focused media coverage conservation, protection and rational development and utilization of mineral resources, the protection of ecological environment in mining and other policies, laws and regulations. Promoting the importance of administrative law, the establishment of good order of mineral resources development;; at the same time, take the printed promotional materials, banners, post bulletins, sent out promotional vehicles and other forms of propaganda to promote mining order rectification of social significance, objectives and tasks propaganda unified planning rational distribution, improve the level of resource utilization of scientific significance. Through extensive and in-depth publicity, reached a household, child Sou known, the social effects of everyone involved, and gradually increase the masses, especially the mining rights of the mining law, the legal awareness of the law mining operation for mining order rectification work has laid a solid mass base.

Heavy equipment purchase inspections

Dynamic inspection law enforcement is to investigate cases of various types of mineral resources, the premise and basis of illegal work, because of the county's strengths are mainly concentrated in the northern mountains of mineral for the timely detection and timely stop, promptly investigate all kinds of mineral law cases, the county's Bureau of Land and Resources mineral law enforcement focus on dynamic Nishimura, Seven Sages, Yuntaishan these three grassroots land resources, down to every patrol responsibilities of Land and Resources is responsible for the grassroots people-oriented dynamic area of law enforcement inspections mineral first responsible person. County Land Resources Bureau checks monthly, half an assessment, a year-end Overall, the implementation of law enforcement to monitor vote veto. At the same time, strengthen legal education inspectors, monthly invite experts on law enforcement personnel laws and regulations, knowledge and training, improve business skills and level of law enforcement law enforcement officers; the original three inspections level down to the level of two inspections, the original undocumented mining area included two patrol patrol area level will rise three patrol area for secondary inspections area, the periodic unscheduled inspections. In addition, the county Land and Resources Bureau has also financed the purchase of specialized law enforcement vehicles and GPS satellite positioning system, cameras, video cameras and other surveillance inspections of law enforcement tool for the illegal mining acts promptly nipped in the bud provide a strong foundation for the hardware.

Strict checks to promote norms

To effectively safeguard the interests of all the mineral resources of the country, to ensure conservation, protection and rational exploitation of the county combined with actual mining rights market management within their jurisdiction, from the strict approval to start mining rights, mainly to take three measures to improve the management of mining rights market. First, strict examination and approval. Where do the mining companies must comply with the new city and county planning and safe production of mineral resources, environmental protection, etc., must be adapted to the size scale mining of mineral reserves, and to implement a total control on the small end of the world, large-scale mining, comprehensive treatment, and take the listing to sell all acquired mining rights. Second, strict access. Further standardize the transfer procedures require the applicant mining rights, mining rights bidders, bidders mining rights, mining rights lessee shall have the appropriate qualifications, acquired mining rights to market competition. Third, strict environmental assessment clearance. Newly mines must strictly implement the environmental impact assessment system, geological hazard assessment. Who do not meet requirements, as well as missing data, shall not obtain a permit.

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