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Department of Homeland: Promoting Land Administration Law and other key mineral

PubTime:2015-01-26 14:22:17 Views:10335

Jiang Daming, Minister of Land and Resources said on Thursday that in 2015 the Ministry of Land will strengthen key areas of land and resources legislation, with the legislature to accelerate the "Land Management Law", "Mineral Resources Law" and other key legal changes; accelerate the State Land Inspector developing and supporting regulations department building regulations, land use planning regulations and other key administrative regulations; strengthening the normative document management, establish a unified registration, uniform numbers, unified system.

Jiang Daming said this is a national resource in today's working meeting held on to the land.

Jiang Daming said this year's reforms in the field of land and resources there are five main tasks are divided into three categories: carefully and steadily push forward reform and reform of rural land system of natural resources management system; actively promote the reform of administrative examination and approval system reform and exploration and exploitation of oil and gas resources; best to go to promote a unified real estate registration system reform.

Meanwhile, the ministry launched a nationwide party decided this year to land management and the two ad hoc campaigns mineral resources sector, on the audit findings, serious rectification, severely punished, loopholes, strict supervision, and resolutely curb corruption in areas prone land and resources multiple momentum.

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