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Ningxia 6 years unearthed 18 billion tons of mineral resources

PubTime:2015-01-26 14:19:47 Views:4905

Recently, the results of the project in Ningxia from the geological survey fund analysis upload news briefing, six years through the implementation of the Ningxia Autonomous Region Geological Exploration Fund, to achieve significant results in the geological prospecting, stuck coal, rock salt, silica, limestone and other seven kinds of mineral resources total more than 180 million tons.

It is understood that, starting in 2009, the implementation of Ningxia Autonomous Region Geological Exploration Fund project, estimated total investment of about 700 million yuan, involving coal, non-metallic, comprehensive research and other fields, is divided into five groups of 72 issued to worthy projects. Up to now, a total amount of 5.166 billion tons of coal resources obtained, the amount of 4.935 billion tons of rock salt resources, resources of 5.032 billion tons of silica, limestone resources of 2.265 billion tons, 218 million tons of limestone, dolomite resources symbiotic flux 142 million tons, Glauber the amount of 379 million tons of resources.

Currently, Ningxia has completed 3621 Geological Survey 1:50 000 sq km area, complete important metal ore mining mineral prospects into three surveys, prospecting targets identified a total of 20; the deployment of 11 coal exploration project implementation, identify the number of advantages and medium-sized non-metallic mineral; hydraulic ring exploration and supporting the implementation of the project to a total of 12 wells, the completion of livestock drinking water wells and water supply facilities 120, for comprehensive protection of economic and social development of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region provides a rich reserve resources.

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